Custom Building Components, Inc.

7832 21st Avenue - PO Box 97 - Medford, MN 55049

Why Use CBC Wall Panels?

  • Custom Built - Each wall is designed and built specifically for your project, according to owner/architect's specifications.  We can supply the materials or use yours.

  • ​Save time - We can build our walls up to 36 ft long, to be set into place with a crane or forklift.  Making installation much faster with less handling.


  • Save Money - Fewer on-site carpenters are needed for the framing stage.  Which amounts to savings in labor costs.

  • Quality Built - Framed in a dry, climate-controlled environment, out of the weather elements, by skilled framers.

  • Job-Site Security - Less loose materials on the site for thieves to steal.

  • Cleaner/Safer Job Site -  Much less on-site scrap material to dispose of.

  • Plan Review - Close review of plans while designing shop drawings, work out most design problems before they are built and installed.

  • Easier Project Coordination/Scheduling - Buildings are able to be enclosed much quicker so weather has less effect on materials, and allows other trades to start their work earlier.


  • Installation - We work closely with our contractors to figure an "installed" quote, if needed.